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Lora Avedian is a London based multidisciplinary artist, who graduated with a Masters in Mixed Media Textiles from the Royal College of Art in 2017. She depicts elements of narrative through textile and craft processes. Lora uses traditional embroidery and embellishment techniques to make modern artefacts, which look as beautiful on the body as they do on a wall. She favours slow processes, focusing on short run and bespoke projects.

Lora’s work is grounded in history, inspired by antique textiles and folk costume, she often uses scrap and vintage materials to create her work. Lora has made couture textiles for interiors and fashion, through collaborations with companies such as The New Craftsmen, Barbican Centre and Howe. She has showcased her work at London Craft week and London Design Festival. She also runs workshops through-out the year in various locations in a variety of craft techniques. 

Lora is represented by The New Craftsmen and shows her soft furnishings at their May Fair showroom. All pieces are for sale via their website. Find her work here

For more information and commissions get in touch: hello@loraavedian.com

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Photo of Lora’s studio by Claudia Rocha for Howe

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